Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Studio JOY

Cluttered, messy, and unorganized are three words that you could use to describe a studio that has been used for creating wonderful works of art. They are also words that can bring tears to the person that has to try to actually function in that space. 

One afternoon, while Leanne and I were grumbling about the condition of our studios, we had a Eureka! We thought, why don't we help each other clean up our studios. It would be way more fun if we did it together, and what we have found is that another person's ideas can be extremely helpful in putting things into perspective.  We have called this time share, "Studio Joy," and let me tell you, it really is joy. To have such transformation of a space in just a small amount of time, is almost indescribable.  Thank you Leanne for making my closet a joy to get into. Big hugs, Nancy

1 comment:

  1. this truly is a joy! and i got to feel like one of my favorite tv organizers, helen buttigieg, from her show "neat." this has really transformed my studio as well, when nancy helped me put away portfolios of art that had been leaning against my bookshelf for MONTHS, among other things! it's fun. you can try it. just talk to a friend about trading some amount of time, and then make two dates — one for your place and one for theirs.
    big hugs back,